System integration on measurement and control system with production
Rich experience on system integration including software, mechanical, date/signal communication, and how to use it on process.
Capable to build up measurement and control system from 0 – ex: building up process tools from concept to migration and combine with control system including all hand-over document and coordinate with process team to provide process guide line.

Team builder. Deputy resource and vendor resource build up for schedule flexibility.
Organization capability to group up team from different function to meet project objective
Group up and scope design change into cross-functional team
Willing to train member to be project leader by guiding them to work on trial & migration project to build up their capability and enable resource’s flexibility
Deputy team build up to meet each project schedule when conflict.

Technology road map build up and strategy on technical migration
Build up process measurement and control technical road map
Capable to identify gap in process issue and deliver technology to fix the gap

  • Key measurement technology migration for process auto control to improve OEE in display
    –Process monitor tool for quality alarm.
    –Edge inspection build up and future process control
    –Defect detection migration for lose prevention.
  • Process understanding and customer-based thinking
    Well understanding on process through multiple join ventures project.
    Capable to design measurement and control system that meet process need.
    in 2020, 3 process control by using gauges has been trial or migrate successfully through coordinating with process

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