Hi, I am Rishen Lu. You can also call me David.

I have more than 15 years’ experience on inspection and measurement system design, system integration, and process automation for Display technology,

Feel free to  contact me if you want to digitalize, automation your process and realize Plant 4.0 in the future with AI tool


2000~2004  National Tsing-Hua University, Power mechanical engineering

2004~2006  National Tsing-Hua institution, major in Electric control system

Paper publish on IET control theory. ID:CTA-200700165

Work experience

2006~2008  Auto control engineer in FOXCONN

Robot motion control, and design robot cell for auto defect checking and packing

2009~2012 Project manager in Force Precision Instrument

Startup company from Academia Sinica.

Nano spec measure instruments design from zero, including AFM/SPM, profilometer, Lock-in amplifier, nano XY stage, and AOI for PSS(PATTERN SAPPHIRE SUBSTRATE).

Project manager in company. Communication with customer and lead team member to meet requirement. Small company, so need to do everything like programing (Labview , FPGA, AOI), and mechanism design for the whole system.

2012 ~ Now Corning Display, Taiwan

Project manager, WW measurement and control technology in Corning Display.

Measurement and control technology roadmap developing in display

New measurement and control technology developing from concept, design, trial to migration

Global team management and Asia team building up